Access Your Medical Records At Anytime And From Anywhere In The World


Our Viable LLC SelfCare ID™ product and services enable individuals and their families to maintain a private and secure mean to store and update their own Medical Records and Personal Health Information. Keep track of every doctor visit, medications prescribed, ongoing treatments, doctor referrals, and much more from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Tri-Factor Authentication

We have ensured that access to your medical records remains safe and secure. Each SelfCare ID™ smart card is personalized, unique, and serves as your hardware token to unlock your account in combination with a user name & password, as well as a 4 to 6 digit pin. With our services, you can now protect yourself with unparalleled security in the highest targeted area of fraud and identity theft known to date.

Portability and Accountability

Take ownership and be in control of your information. By default all information you maintain is set to private. With our custom controls, you only share what you want and who can see that information. Our easy-to-use forms uphold and follow HIPAA procedures and strict guidelines. In addition to this we add extra layers of protection using advance encryption and privacy rules.


Security and Privacy is our top concern. All of your medical records and personal health information is encrypted and automatically set to private. Only you can grant permission and unlock this information by authenticating and providing consent.


SelfCare ID™ benefits are numerous.

Nothing is more important than protecting and securing your health and your family's health. Take ownership.

The Viable LLC SelfCare ID™ is your portal to your own information and can also be leveraged to keep important medical records for your children and elderly members in your family. Expanded benefits include record keeping for those too young or too old to care for themselves. You or a family member can elect to be a caretaker for either a child or an elderly member in your family. You can rest more peacefully at night knowing you have all the important records for the ones you love under one roof.

  • take ownership of your personal health information.

    percent of Americans don't have copies of their own medical records. Our product and services enables you to store, keep track, update, and share your medical records and personal health insurance information on your terms.

  • Keep your information across providers.

    percent of policyholders switch health insurers each year. This means starting from scratch every year. With our product and services you will no longer be caught unprepared. Simply log into your member portal and select what information you wish to share with your doctor or provider. You can print or have your records electronically sent to the intended recipients within seconds.

  • Prevent Healthcare Fraud and Medical Identity Theft

    percent of individuals who are victims of Medical Identity theft are unaware that their information is being used to commit crime and fraud. The VSS SelfCare ID™ keeps your personal health information safe and secure. Medical Identity Theft is the fastest growing segment of fraud in today's economy.

whether you're insured or not

Your Medical Records and Personal Health Information Belongs To You

With the SelfCare ID™ from Viable LLC you will never need to fill out a clipboard and start from scratch again just because you changed insurance plans or doctors. We are providing a product and services needed to live in today’s world. It just makes sense. Build an accurate medical history that will serve you and your family. Update and share crucial information with your healthcare practitioners which will assist them in their diagnostic efforts, prescribing more effective treatments and medications, all the while giving them a complete snapshot of your health and all the care you have ever received and what you need next. This information is priceless and has saved lives.

As a member you will have all of this information available to you, along with the means to update and share this data as necessary.

Connect with other members. Share your experiences.

Found a medication or treatment that has worked for you? Let it be known. You can choose what to share and with whom. By simply clicking a checkbox you can choose the piece of information you wish to provide with the option of doing so openly or anonymously.

You can earn rewards, get access to new drug trial information, participate in study groups, and even be compensated for doing so.

Jose J. Guerra
Jose J. Guerra
We built our company to promote privacy and the ethical sharing of data. We believe in placing people in the drivers seat when it comes to managing their personal health information. If given incentive and a choice we believe individuals and families will be empowered to contribute.
Our team is comprised of experts ranging from the tech, payments, and healthcare industries who have come together to build a truly innovative product and service. We are driven by our mutual belief that technology is best served with the individual in mind.
Gregory Reed
Gregory Reed
VP of customer experience
I believe in our team. I believe in our solutions. Working smart to insure our members journey resonates this experience.
VP of Development & Support
We work smart and hard so that our members can benefit from the latest technologies. Our innovation is built on making our tools and services simple and effective. Collaboration with our members is key.


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