June 16, 2018

About Us


Mission Statement

We are Viable LLC and our goal is to create a new paradigm where user Data, Security, and Privacy are held up to the highest standards, while fostering the sharing and ethical use of such information for the benefit of all society.

We develop and invest in technologies which help organizations run their enterprise environments more effectively and more securely. We also insure that the consumer is at the heart of that success. Individual privacy is very important to us and we invest our time and resources to insure that consumers are treated as people not as commodities.


One of the industries we have excelled at bringing the most advanced level of Data Security Privacy products and services to is the Healthcare Industry. We have reached out to a collection of agencies which regulate and govern healthcare information technology in the U.S. We have done so in an effort to remain further informed and receive appropriate guidance when it comes to data aggregation, transmission, and security in the healthcare industry.

Our recognized Viable SelfCare ID™ assists individuals and physicians to keep track of their medical and patient records using the most advanced authentication technology available today combining smart card technology and patented encryption.

Viable LLC SelfCare ID™ Is Your First Step Towards A More Secure And Healthy Life

Over the past four years members of our team have met with industry experts, policy holders, and patients across the country to learn how we could strengthen and secure an individuals ability to maintain and manage their health care information. We discovered one of the most challenging items encountered was maintaining individual patient records over time and across multiple providers.

People frequently change insurance providers primarily due to work status, major life events, and financial conditions. At times individuals become uninsured and their ability to manage their health becomes difficult, especially when the length of time between receiving care expands.

Keeping track of one's own medical information can prove challenging.

Viable LLC developed the SelfCare ID™ to meet these challenges by offering a product and service that maintains and secures an individual's medical information for life. Services included with the Viable LLC SelfCare ID™ offer our customers the ability to store, update, and easily access their health and medical information through our secured and heavily encrypted online portal. Access to your information is secured by use of smart card technology provided to our members and through a triple factor authentication system which guarantees no one but you can access your records.

We have reached out to a collection of agencies that regulate and govern the technological side of Healthcare in the U.S. By doing so Viable LLC remains informed and receives appropriate guidance when it comes to data aggregation, transmission, and security. Three resources we would like to mention are the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). We thank these three agencies for their feedback, wealth of information, and commitment to fostering a better Healthcare Industry through the use of Information Technology. We encourage you to learn more and support their efforts.

We want to hear from you. Share your thoughts, comments, and questions by email info@selfcareid.com.