August 5, 2019

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Partnerships and Information Data Services

Viable LLC are committed to fostering the ethical use of data here in the United States and abroad. Data is data and it’s here to stay. We must integrate it and use it as we would use any other resource, responsibly and in an ethical manner that promotes education, sharing, and availability.

Companies who share this philosophy and wish to use the data we collect to advance science, health, and provide better Care for their patients; are welcome to partner and work with us to take their organization to the next level by having access to a wide assortment of premium data sources unmatched in the marketplace.

We specialize in partnering with and providing data services to the following types of organizations:

Health Care Providers / Health Insurance Agencies / Medical and Research Institutions Hospitals / Clinics / Outpatient Centers / Laboratories / Primary Care Physicians / Managed Care providers / Universities / Clinical Trial Organizations / Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers and Distributors / Care and Wellness Centers

The Data Analytics and Data Optimization process built into and surrounding the SelfCareID’s products and services are carefully designed and applied in a manner that serves a plethora of Medical and Research Institutions, Hospitals, Health Care Service Providers and Primary Care Organizations. Our data policies and aggregation methodology Comprised of user-centric focus model which allows us to categorize and rate different subsets of data packages into a wide variety of categories ranging from fully personalized medical reporting provided voluntarily from our members without restriction all the way to whole anonymous metric data which in turn can be further sourced based upon various geographical, social, and economic data models. Each of our data sets can be pre-configured and put together by one of our trained data analysts to be catered to your individual, organizational, or technology products needs. Our team can work with you to develop custom API’s to interface with your devices, systems, or with your existing reporting mechanisms. Let us assist you in maximizing your data and how you can leverage our data to boost your product and service offerings. exported a wide variety of subsets and use case studies. No other company or research company can come close to the level of Viability our data achieves. With paid only members and with a robust and error-free system of data input fields and tools we can with all confidence provide the highest quality and the most accurate data collection in the Healthcare industry.

Viable LLC. offer the following products and services:

Health Care Data Analytics / Data Optimization / API Development (Enterprise & Mobile) / Raw Data Packages / Pre-configured Data Packages / Configurable & Custom Data Sets Product Integration Services / Data Sets for Data Science Projects / Statistical Health Reviews and Metric Reporting (based upon aggregated data and voluntary member data)

If you or your organization makes use or wishes to make use of our aggregated data services please contact us at

Due to the high level of interest in our products and services please allow us a day or to respond to your email. We value your business and want to grow with you so be sure to leave your name, the organization you are part of, and a contact number for your area or department if applicable when sending your message. We look forwards to working with you to further innovate your product and service offerings.