May 24, 2021

Message from CEO

Your Data, Security, and Privacy is at the heart of what we do. Our team at Viable LLC was founded on the principle that individual data is a commodity that belongs to the individual and that it’s worth is equal to or exceeds that of physical property. Your data is much more than bits and bytes. We believe it is an integral part of your identity and has tremendous value and importance.

I founded this company and built this team with this principle at the forefront of everything we do. We are redefining what individual data means and how best to protect it and your privacy with an ethical approach and with you as a participant in its future.

The SelfCareID is a product and service born from this ideal. When it comes to the health and care of an individual or a loved one, it is of paramount importance that such recognition be shared among those whom, you the individual, choose to share your health data and medical information with. Our product and service is designed around providing the tools and means necessary so that such an exchange of information can be done safely and securely. We feel that all information that identifies you and or a loved one under your care or supervision should be secured and protected, managed by you, and available only to those whom you have authorized to have access to.

All information you share with us on this web portal or through any affiliated and authorized partners will be done so in an encrypted manner and observing state and federal laws governing the use and storage of such data. In addition to this we have created our own Tri-Factor Authentication system to better ensure that only you have access to your information. If elected, the use of our proprietary SelfCareID smartcard and nfc reader, will provide a layer of protection that requires a physical token (the SelfCareID card itself) in order for one to gain access to your account. This is something no hacker can easily produce. As a matter of fact, unless they have a silicon factory in their backyard, know your specific card’s embedded code, and managed to gain access to both your username and password, plus your unique PIN, there is simply no way in this multiverse that they will be able to duplicate the sufficient variables needed to gain access to your account.

This makes the SelfCareID product and service more secure than any major online bank account or health care portal currently available to the public. We take pride in offering this level of security and we aim to continue to make our members' accounts even more secure on a daily basis.

As the founder and innovator of this service I have worked to even secure the entire database of our members in a manner that would prohibit an external company or agency from fully obtaining the contents of a member’s profile information in the event that this organization ever was purchased or sold. I’ve done this by insuring that the encryption that is used to backup and restore an individual's records can only be unlocked with the combination of your own credentials provided. This ensures that our complete data store of our members' information is protected from any future changes to our organization, whether that be a sale, transfer, takeover, or even if aliens came down and put a ray gun to my head. I guess that’s curtains form right?

Seriously, It is my distinct honour to take these precautions because we all know the world and its politics and definitions of right and wrong can change over time. My promise to you, our member, is that this is one rule that is coded into the backbone not only of our own philosophy but that of our code itself. It’s an all or nothing set of ideals and we have chosen the side of our members in this stake because we know you have put your trust in our tools and services to share and manage the data you use.

Our business complies with HIPAA and Health IT standards in addition to our own Ethical Policies and Secured Procedures that go above and beyond industry standards when it comes to the sharing of data we do collect in an anonymous manner that prohibits such information from ever being used or reversed engineered to determine whom such data or information may have come from. We also use our own digital chain of custody forms for when you do elect to share information or data with us and our third parties to better track such information and as stated on our site. There may even be times where we can compensate you for sharing, and it ‘sour intention to do so when it is permissible by both state and federal regulations. It’s our way of saying thank you for sharing, and for recognizing the value of your offering to provide such data in pursuit of better treatments, drug safety, and ultimately help cure and eliminate the many dangerous and destructives diseases that we as a species and member of this beloved planet of ours sometimes face individually or as a whole.

From my family to yours, thank you. We are grateful for having you as a member of our SelfCareID family. We look forward to growing together and paving the way for a better future where individual data, security, and privacy will be managed and respected across all industries and organizations alike.

Jose J. Guerra
Founder & CEO
Viable LLC