July 11, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage our members to suggest items for inclusion in our FAQ section. This section will grow over time so check back often for tips and insights.
If you dont see an answer to your question or issue email us at [email protected] and we will attempt to return your email as promptly as possible.

1. Getting Started

Has answers to everything you may need from Registering your product and service to returning a defective card or reader. Be sure to let us know via email if there is something you feel should be included to further assist our members.

2. Navigating and Managing your SelfCareID Portal Page

Trouble completing a form? Can't find the right field for updating your records? No worries. This area of the FAQ focuses on enetering and udpating your records and personal health information. We have listed the most common tasks that our members could use some direction on. Have a look.

3. Security and Portability

Want to export your entire data? Perhaps generate a report with the data you wish to share with a doctor or healthcare provider? We got you covered. Here we show you how easy it is to transfer your data and manage it so that only the information you want goes to whom you want it to.

Getting Started


Selecting a user name:

Navigating and Managing your SelfCareID Portal Page

Where to start?

Security & Portability

My SelfCareID card and/or NFC USB Reader has been lost/stolen. What do I do?

First thing is dont worry. Your card serves as a authentication tool and does not contain any of your Medical or Personal Health Information. Anyone who might have stolen or come into possession of your card will also not be able to access your account thanks to the Tri-Factor Authentication security feature assigned to all accounts which requires in addition to the SelfCareID card the member's User Name and Password as well as your secret 4 to 6 digit PIN. Without these three unique identifiers no one can gain access. Whether the card was stolen or lost the manner by which you replace it remains the same. Email [email protected] with LOST or STOLEN CARD as the Title of your email. The following Information is required to be in the body of the email. 1. Full name as it appeared on the front of your SelfCareID card. 2. Member ID - This is the number found on the front of your card. If you dont have it written down we ask that you check your email for the registration confirmation email we sent when it was purchased. If you are unable to locate the Member ID we ask that you provide your unique User Name. 3. User Name - This is only mandatory if you are unable to locate and provide your Member ID. 4. Contact Information - Please be sure to include the original address where you received the card as well as the address you want the replacement card sent. Most important of all please include a contact number where we can most easily reach you in the event that we require additional information. Remember Viable Secured Systems Corp. will never ask you for your Password or PIN so never provide these to anyone as they are only for use during your logging into our site. The cost to have a card replaced is $5.00 and this fee will be added to your next payment cycle. The cost to have an NFC USB Reader replaced is $10 dollars and this fee will be added to your next payment cycle. We will attempt to have your card and/or reader replaced as soon as possible once the request has been verified. Please allow for a minimum of 10 business days. Instructions on how to activate the new card will be included.

Suggestions & Member Feedback

We always want to hear from our Members. If there is a way we can improve our service to you please let us know. We screen all of our suggestions and work to make the SelfCareID the best product and service offering possible. See something you dont like or want to report an issue with our site this is the right place to communicate it. Simply email us at [email protected] and type Feedback in the subject line. We read all of our emails but it does take some time and we can't gaurantee a response for each but if you do have an email that you would like responded to be sure to include your Member ID, Name, and contact infomation so we can respond accordingly. Thank you again for being a SelfCareID member!

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